The first mod that every seems to be asking about is what is the cheapest e cig mod for pot.  There are a lot of videos out there for converting various brands of e cigarettes into pot vaporizers. There are some brands that are easier to modify than others usually few tools needed.  Here are some pro’s and cons I have found as well as a write up on a Tru-Smoke brand conversion I tried, it was by far the easiest.


If you wanna avoid “smoke” but don’t wanna give up pot or just want to be more discrete about it, vaporizing is the way to go. Electronic cigarettes are a cheap way to get a vaporizer and be discrete about using it for herb.

  • E cigs are gaining popularity and people are used to seeing people use them
  • There is little modification required and few tools needed
  • You don’t have to worry about the marijuana smell
  • Easy to carry and hide
  • No lighter required
  • You don’t have to find a private place to smoke or go outside
  • You can easily swap out nicotine cartridges for modified ones with pot
  • Looks less suspicious than vaporizers made for just pot


  • Cartridges don’t hold a lot of pot, just a few hits
  • Some brands atomizer coils are low voltage and don’t get the THC hot enough
  • There is still some pot smell but you won’t smell like a stinky joint either
  • You still have to be a little discrete but not as much as a pipe or joint
  • I have noticed vaporizing pot seems to kill the battery quicker
  • If you pack the herb to close to the coil you can burn it out
  • Can take further modification to coil to work better

These are just a few of the pros and cons I have run across as when I tried a few out. I will do some more in-depth testing with more complicated mods later.  But for now let me show you the easiest “mod” I tried, I say mod lightly as you don’t really have to modify anything so this is a quick and easy option if you looking to head out quickly or don’t have time.


Tru-Smoke pot mod

E cig Comparison
E cig Comparison

Here above you can see most e cig atomizers require dis assembly, requiring you to pull out the stuffing and rubber gasket shown in the photo.  And the atomizer is attached.  On the right you can see the Tru Smoke is made into 3 pieces, the atomizer, filter and battery.  You can see the atomizer is exposed when you pull off the filter so you don’t have to dis assemble it.


Below you can see on the left te filter with the rubber gasket you have to pull out, on the right you can see the Tru Smoke filter.  They key is the Tru Smoke starter kit comes with and empty filter, so you are good to go.  Just put your herb in it and you are set. I was able to buy a few kita from Tru Smoke despite the website says they are sold out.  Other than that I couldn’t find it anywhere.